Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts from Edinburgh Community Food

Why not give one of our great christmas hampers as a gift this year. You can have what you want made up but below are a couple of examples.

This £20 hamper contains a Craigies Jam, Stockans Oatcakes (mini), Dried Dates (250g), Dried Cranberries, Supernature Oil (250ml), Gusto Balsamic Vinegar (250ml), Superseed Mix (50g) and a Slim Diary all in a beautifully gift wrapped basket.

This £10 hamper contains a Slim Diary, Banana Chips (200g), Mixed Nuts (100g), Stockans Oatcakes (mini), and a Craigies Chilli Jam all in a beautifully gift wrapped basket.

Or maybe one of these gifts below.

Supernature Oil (250ml) and a Gusto Balsamic Vinegar (250ml) for £8.50.

Craigies Chilli Jam and Stockans Oatcakes (mini) for £5.50.

Here we have rapeseed oils from Supernature.

Classic range Gift Pack - £9.95.

Garlic Infused (£3.95), Original Cold Pressed (£3.25) and Ginger Infused (£3.95) - 250ml Rapeseed Oils.

Original Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (500ml) - £4.95.

Or what about oils or jams in gift bags?

2 Oils in a Gift Bag for £7.50 or 4 Oils in a Gift Bag for £15 (you choose your oils).

Or 2 Jams/Chutneys (you chose you) in a Gift Bag at £7.50.