For a happier, healthier you

Stay happy and healthy with our fresh fruit and vegetable home deliveries

Instead of heading out to the supermarket in the cold, the wind and the rain to buy your fruit, you can benefit yourself, your family and Edinburgh by ordering from our fresh fruit and vegetable delivery service. Receive local produce packed with nutrients and delivered to your door.

‘How can a simple fruit and vegetable delivery benefit Edinburgh?’ you ask. Well, all of our profits go back into the community, as we run healthy food programmes for children and make fresh fruit and vegetables more accessible to more of Edinburgh’s population.

Check out our products

Fruit bats and vegetable aficionados alike will love our list of product, which contains a wide variety of fresh local produce. You can buy good food at fair prices enjoying fine health with a clear conscience. If you’re looking for new cookery ideas, visit our recipes, which includes salad recipes, soup recipes, meat recipes and a host of alternatives.

Ordering from us

You can arrange a fresh fruit and vegetable delivery to your home by calling us on 0131 467 7326. Follow the details on our ordering details page and then you can bolster your health at greater convenience.

We deliver between Monday and Friday across Edinburgh, which is of special benefit if you don’t have transport or your circumstances confine you to the home. Order before 11 am and you can receive your fresh fruit and vegetable order the next day. Better still, if your order is over £15, we’ll bring you this fresh fruit and vegetable delivery free of charge. This is an example of a £15 fruit and veg box:


Paying - and benefiting the community

You can pay for your fresh fruit and vegetable delivery and/or other produce by cheque, bank transfer or in cash. Your orders help fund our training programmes throughout Edinburgh to educate citizens about nutrition and healthy eating, and offer people in the city fruit, vegetables and dairy products at more affordable prices. What’s good for you is also good for Edinburgh.

Fancy a free fruit basket?

Once healthy eating habits begin at home, there’s no reason why they should stop the moment you step into the office. Why not get your employer or work colleagues to buy their fruit and vegetables from us and have them delivered to the office. Let them know they’ll be doing their bit for Edinburgh and the local economy, not just for their health. There’s a free fruit basket in it for you if they order a fresh fruit and vegetable delivery or delivery of other produce from us!

Good for Edinburgh, good for you