Pay it forward

Our take & make DIY meal bags are aimed at those who want to eat healthier, home-cooked food. Some may buy them because they want to learn how to cook while others may already be confident cooks but they are too busy to shop and they want things to be simple. Others still may be attracted by there not being any left-over ingredients with which they have to be inventive with or that could become food waste.

While we at Edinburgh Community Food are doing our upmost to keep the costs of these bags as low as possible, we know that some of our customers still can’t afford to buy fresh ingredients to cook delicious healthy meals. That’s why we at ECF are running a ‘pay it forward’ scheme for our take & make DIY meals.  For every £1 donated, we’ll sell a DIY meal pack for £1 cheaper to someone who will really appreciate this.

The meal pack will look exactly the same as those sold on our stalls or delivered to people’s homes. We believe that access to food is a basic human right, and furthermore, we believe that this food should be nutritious and delicious. If you would like to help with this please get in touch or donate at our stalls or through your order with us.