Fresher, friendlier food

At Edinburgh Community Food, we want people to taste the best that healthy eating can offer and where possible we source it as locally as possible. We also encourage people to know as much as possible about their food. So why not start with where it comes from – our producers and suppliers.

We want you to taste and enjoy the best that healthy eating can bring you, which is why we sell and deliver fruit, vegetables and other produce in Edinburgh at more affordable prices.  Using locally sourced produce, we also offer fruit baskets so that you don’t always have to say things with flowers.

As well as providing fruit baskets and other healthy food options, we encourage people to learn all about food and nutrition, by running a range of courses and training sessions in Edinburgh. Observing a healthier diet isn’t just a step towards a longer life: it’s an investment in a happier one.

Learning where your food comes from is a good start. When you order a fruit basket, your fruit and veg or any other product from us, you can find out where its components come from by checking our producers and suppliers. You’ll see that local and Scottish suppliers are behind what you buy.

You can choose from a wide selection of different products. We offer many of the items on our products list the whole year round. However, if you want Scottish produce, this is very much seasonal. Not to worry, though, as you can plan out your diet thanks to our seasonal Scottish fruit and vegetable calendar.

Fruit and vegetables

If you don’t fancy the hassle — not to mention the expense — of shopping at the supermarket, you can order some fresh fruit, veg or other produce from us and we’ll deliver it to you at your home or office. You can eat healthily knowing that the money from your fruit and veg is going back into the local economy, into local agriculture, rather than into supermarket coffers.

Of course, once you’ve bought your fruit and veg you need to store it. These storage tips,including which places you should store certain items, will help you store this produce so that none of your food and veg ever goes to waste.

We want you to enjoy your fruit and vegetables so why not learn how best to store your produce?

"This calls for fruit" - Fruit baskets

Popular… delightful… the city of Edinburgh hosts all kinds of occasions, both business and pleasure. So whether it’s a birthday celebration or a business meeting, you can give us a call and we’ll put together a fruit basket to suit your occasion. Offering a healthy option can put your guests or associates in a better frame of mind for celebrating or doing business.

And if you just want to brighten up someone’s day with a ‘thank you’, why not say it with a fruit basket gift? Order a fruit basket from us and make someone’s day that little bit extra special.

Other products

Along with your fruit and veg delivery, you can order a range of other groceries as well. For instance, our large variety of products includes other essential items such as milk and eggs. Do you fancy some tea and toast? You can order your tea bags, jam and bread all from us.

Check out all our products, order now and enjoy.

Good for Edinburgh, good for you