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Season and Produce Information


Supplies of both Water and Honeydew melons are getting back to normal after we had a period of disruption when supplies were virtually non-existent. The Spanish melon season is just around the corner which will offer a more consistent supply and better tasting product.

A good selection of decent quality ‘berries’ always prove to be popular at this time of year as we see a glimpses of sunshine, home-grown strawberries will be available from mid April.

New season Chilean grapes are superb quality at the moment, as are Brazilian fresh figs.

The European stone fruit season - cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots – will start at the end of April.

Late season clementines remain popular as they are very tasty! New season South American satsumas will be available.


Hearty sweet tasting spring cabbage will be on offer as an alternative to the over wintered tundra and savoy cabbages.

English asparagus will be available towards the end of the month if the weather stays warm!

Over the past month supplies of cauliflower have been disrupted as a result of cold spells. As we head further towards summer hopefully a more consistent supply of good quality will prevail.

Locally grown purple sprouting broccoli has started to make a re-appearance after crops were decimated due to the extreme cold weather in December.

Good quality fine beans, mangetout and sugar snaps are a popular addition to any dish.

Supplies of aubergines have started to get back to normal after supplies simply dried up in early March and prices hit record levels.



As it is traditional for this time of year the supply of Spanish and Israeli peppers comes to an end so we will move over to supplies from Holland. The quality of new season Dutch peppers will be excellent but they are always expensive for the first 3 or 4 weeks.

The first new season home-grown tomatoes will start to filter through this month. The initial pickings will be small and will command high prices. We will continue to offer Spanish tomatoes throughout April as they are still very good quality.

As temperatures begin to warm you will notice that speciality lettuce will have a more intense colour and sizings should increase. Home-grown cucumbers will replace Spanish product, initially they will be slightly paler in colour but will have a better shelf life.