Every school holiday we offer cooking classes to families around Edinburgh as part of the Discover! programme in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council.  Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we have taken the programme online and are providing lots of exciting activities virtually.

Since summer 2020, there has been an increased need for support which has resulted in Edinburgh Community Food delivering food boxes to an increasing number of families.  This Summer we will be supporting 350 families by providing a food box each week of the summer school holidays.  The Covid-19 crisis has really put pressure on families already struggling financially and this project has supported them at this extremely difficult time, providing healthy food in dignified way.

Via a closed Facebook Group and our YouTube channel, we offered online cooking demonstrations to encourage families to try new meals, making it a joint activity to get the children involved in cooking.  Families will receive recipes and all the ingredients needed to join in with the online cooking activities along with a novelty food/idea. 

Programme Activities

The programme of activities and cooking during Summer will be based around the theme of Climate. Each week will focus on a different theme e.g. soil, seed, sun, shoots, share and store.

Summer 2021 Recipes

We will provide recipes and ingredients to encourage families to make different recipes each week which will include a picnic idea, a main course and a dessert/baking.    Our Food and Health Development Officers will take turns in delivering live demonstrations of how to make a different recipe each week via Facebook Live.  Families can either follow along in real time and ask questions/leave comments or they can watch it back later at their leisure.  

Summer Activities

Depending on Covid-19 restrictions, families will be encouraged to get out doors and explore local parks to enjoy picnics in the park. Picnic in the Park is a planned series of outings and events, with activities, taking place in local parks in each Edinburgh hub area and visits to Country Parks on the outskirts of the city.

At long last, Discover families will have a chance to come together outside!!

The online programme will include cooking, arts and crafts and STEM activities. We are also delighted that Discover! will be able to offer the chance for children to take part in the JASS Award scheme which they can work towards simply by taking part in everything Discover has to offer.

The Discover! Team will also be teaming up with the Edinburgh School Uniform Bank to take referrals for school uniform. Families can apply for their children to each receive up to 6 items of school uniform. The uniform packs will then be delivered to families so children will have new uniform for when they start school after the summer holiday.

The theme for our first week is soil. Healthy soil is very important for producing the food we eat ­čśő It provides the means for plants to grow, which also helps to create the oxygen we breathe and clean the water we drink ­čŹ┤­čî┐­čĺž Soil can also increase our resilience to climate change, by storing carbon, locking in greenhouse gases that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, and helping to prevent flooding.

Check out this fascinating article by our volunteer, Jorie, who explains a bit more about why soil is so important: Why soil is so important.

Watch this space for more updates...