Spring is the time when many of us start thinking about what’s happening in the rest of the year - and what this means for us. If, like me, you’re a gardener, the arrival of Spring is the time to get on with it - to do some serious planning and preparation for the new growing season. Taking time to reflect on what’s grown well in the past, and less well, is a must-do. So, too, is checking out what tools and seeds we have, or need, and - equally importantly - what other things may help or hinder our plans. It’s an exciting time but can be a little anxiety-inducing too.

This Spring, Edinburgh Community Food is also looking ahead. The board wants to update our Strategic Plan - for this year, next year, and beyond - and have started to gather information we need to help us. If you want to look at our current strategic plan, you can find it on our website here.

Why are we doing this now? Well, we regularly update out Strategic Plan: we want to make sure that what we say we will do in the future will support the communities we work within and with, as well as meet the needs of our funders and supporters (and other stakeholders). 

But we are all facing very difficult times ahead - and hard financial choices. We know that many people are already finding it more difficult to access and cook good quality, affordable, healthy food. It’s never been more important for us to ensure that we do as much as we can to support people to overcome the challenges they encounter.

We want to make sure that our planning is robust - that what we finally include is realistic, achievable, will meet the needs of the people we are working with - and want to work with - and that we can demonstrate to everyone the difference that our work is making to people’s lives.

This will take some time. Our recent ‘away day’ for staff and board members helped kick off discussions. And more are planned, within and between the staff teams and the board, and with key stakeholders. We want to be clear about what we need to include in our updated plan.

So, we hope you’ll bear with us, while we pull our plan together. And, of course, we’d welcome and value any thoughts our members, customers and supporters have about what to include.

 Anne Gibson, Chair