Our Take & Make meal bags are hugely popular.  Read here how pupils at Holy Rood High School pupils got on when they received a Spiced Lentil Soup to make at home.

Holy Rood High School S1 Pupils Take & Make Spiced Lentil Soup Competition

All 198 S1 pupils from Holy Rood High School were delighted to receive a Spiced Lentil Soup Take & Make bag from Edinburgh Community Food to cook at home for their families at Easter.  They were encouraged to cook the soup and enter a competition for the best photograph. This could be a photograph of cooking in progress or a well presented final dish. 



Each bag contained a recipe card, all the ingredients they required to make the soup and also a nutritional crossword to complete to help their learning. 


Orange Feliciano made this beautifully presented lentil soup and was announced as the winner by school staff.  She was delighted to receive an Edinburgh Community Food fruit basket and a Thai Green Curry Take & Make meal to cook for her family.

Feedback from parents was amazing!  

  • 60% of parents asked, confirmed their child cooked the soup

  • 89% of parents that cooked the soup said that the cooking experience helped to build their son/ daughter’s confidence in cooking at home

  • 79% of parents said their son/daughter was very engaged in the cooking experience

  • 95% of parents that cooked the soup said this experience helped their son/daughter to understand the benefits of cooking healthy meals from scratch

Some additional comments included: 

“We thought this was a great idea. It was made really easy by the inclusion of the recipe and the ingredients.”
“Fantastic idea.  Now looking for more recipes”

In most cases, the parents that didn't cook the soup with their child had valid reasons such as, going on holiday, visiting relatives etc.

Edinburgh Community Food would like to say a massive well done to each and every S1 pupil.  We know that encouraging children to cook at home improves confidence in cooking skills and reading instructions; encourages children to eat what they've cooked including a variety of foods and also improves family bonding.

If you would like to find out more about our Take and Make bags, please contact Karen on 0131 467 7326.