About us

romanesco broccoliOur aim is ‘to get people into healthy food, and healthy food into people.’

Edinburgh Community Food is all about helping people enjoy delicious, fresh healthy food and making sure everyone in our city has access to a healthy diet.

We tackle health inequalities in low-income communities in Edinburgh through our food and health development and promotion work including cooking courses, cookery demonstrations, nutrition workshops, health information sessions and tasting sessions.

How we help people in food deprived areas

Edinburgh Community Food runs and supplies food co-ops throughout our city. Here people can access high quality good food, pick up handy cooking hints and advice near where they live. Find a food co-op near you.

How we support local suppliers and producers

Where possible we like to source our fresh fruit and vegetables locally, either from Scotland or the North East of England.

How you can help yourself and your city get healthier

Edinburgh Community Food is looking for your support. You can help us in 3 ways:

  1. Order our fresh fruit and vegetables. Enjoy the convenience, freshness and cost of our fruit and vegetables, and all the profits go towards making Edinburgh healthier.
  2. Get your employer, or business to order from us. Your employer can make it easy for you to pick up your fresh fruit and vegetables, or order produce themselves, for company catering or one off events.
  3. Become a member for £1. Show your support to Edinburgh Community Food by completing the individual membership form. You will receive up to date information about Edinburgh Community Food and its work across Edinburgh. (You can also download the membership form as a Word document.)

Join in and volunteer!

We always welcome more help. We need volunteers to help with our food co-ops, in distribution and to help us run healthy cooking presentations. Find out more about volunteering with us.