Edible Edinburgh

“ Edinburgh is a city where good food is available and accessible for all, making for healthy people, thriving communities and a sustainable environment.”


Edinburgh Community Food are a member of Edible Edinburgh and sign up to this vision.

To realise this vision there are six key areas for action on food:

Health and wellbeing - Create fair and affordable access to sustainable food; ensure people can use it as part of a healthy and nutritious diet.

Environment - Use our natural resources more efficiently to minimise our ecological footprint and reduce food waste.

Buying Food - Develop a thriving local food economy based on businesses and individuals buying more sustainable food.

Land use - Grow, produce and distribute food more locally while protecting our natural resources and environment.

Local economy - Develop a diverse, independent food sector that offers a variety of skills, training and job opportunities.

Culture change - Inspire, enable and support people to connect with food and the cultural traditions of eating, sharing and celebrating.

The Sustainable City Food Plan can be viewed here.

Edible Edinburgh website can be viewed here or follow on facebook or twitter.

Find out about the background to Edible Edinburgh here with Marianne Paget's paper for the Milan Symposium at the Milan Expo.