We’re looking for energetic and enthusiastic people to volunteer and support us. The roles are varied, interesting and will support us getting people into healthy food, and healthy food into people. For general enquiries please contact Karen Miller on 0131 467 7326 or email kmiller@edinburghcommunityfood.org.uk

Food and Health Development Work Volunteers

Support our Food and Health Development workers by assisting with cooking courses, cookery demonstrations, nutrition workshops, health information sessions and tasting sessions.

Contact: Chris Mantle T: 0131 467 7326 E: cmantle@edinburghcommunityfood.org.uk

Organisational Support

ECF welcome volunteers to support the organisation including individual membership and co-option to the Board as well as support in a range of roles including:

  • Enterprise / Business Development
  • Finance
  • Corporate Governance / Management
  • Human Resources
  • Funding / fundraising
  • Marketing / Public Relations / Sales
  • IT / Website development
  • Logistics

Contact: Iain Stewart T: 0131 467 7326 E: istewart@edinburghcommunityfood.org.uk