Office Fruit and Veg Deliveries for a Healthier Workplace

Wanting to stay healthy but only have time to nip to the local fish and chip shop round the corner? Fortunately, we can provide you with a healthier, more convenient option: our office fruit and veg deliveries service. If you have an office or place of business in Edinburgh, just place an order with us and we’ll deliver wholesome fruit and vegetables right to your office door.

And it’s not just greater convenience these deliveries bring for you and your employees, but a whole wealth of benefits alongside them. With simple office fruit and veg deliveries, you can also help:

  • Reduce the number of sick days and employee absences
  • Bolster your workers' health by providing them with delicious, nutritious snack options
  • Have a happier healthier workforce
  • Boost productivity - and your profits
  • Project a positive image of your business by being socially responsible
  • Give something back to Edinburgh. When you choose us for your office fruit and veg deliveries, you allow us to reach out to others in the city so that they can enjoy the same fresh, quality food and learn about nutrition, thanks to the co-ops and cookery demonstrations we run throughout Edinburgh.

Educate your staff in good food and nutrition with Edinburgh Community Food

Our office fruit and veg deliveries aren’t the only way you can benefit your employees’ health. You can also help them make healthy lifestyle choices for them and their families by enrolling them for our training and learning sessions. Specify your requirements and we’ll devise a tailor-made in-house programme to match your organisation’s needs. If you’re one of the employers who are participating in the Healthy Working Lives programme, we can help you achieve a bronze, silver or gold award.