Hailesland Early Years Centre and Edinburgh Community Food have a long established relationship in addressing issues surrounding food, nutrition and diet for parents and children at the centre. Hailesland Early Years Centre offers a variety of services to children from birth to 5 years and supports more than 80 families. 

Currently Edinburgh Community Food are providing 'Family Cooking Sessions' as part of the Food for Thought Education Fund. The project aims to build upon the relationship with ECF to enhance the skills of the families through cooking healthy meals from scratch as a family. Families are invited to work together to make healthy evening meals later on in the day to include school age children too. This provides the opportunity for families to interact in a cooking activity and sit down together to enjoy the meal they have created. 

Each session includes practical cooking in addition to discussing a range of healthy eating topics such as the Eat Well Guide, Salt, Sugar and Fat, Oral Health, Early Years Diet and Nutrition, Reducing Food Waste and Physical Activity.