We are now running a pilot of Eat Well for Oral Health in West Lothian.  Jo and LINKnet Mentoring staff will be delivering cooking, nutrition and oral health sessions at The Larder's new community cafe in Blackburn with families from the local primary school.  The project aims to help families cook healthy meals on a budget, eat more fruit and vegetables, support ways to reduce sugar intake and to get into good oral hygiene routines. We know that healthy habits while children are young are more likely to continue through to later years.

This week, children got involved in cooking Spiced Lentil soup and learned about the Eat Well Guide.  They were really enthusiastic and were excited to get involved and ask questions.

I love carrot soup!  I hope there's carrots in this bag.

Lilith, age 6

The children were all excellent at putting the different foods in the correct food group category on the Eat Well Guide

Families busy chopping!

Lilith loving her soup.  Just what she need on a freezing January evening!

Next week the children all want to make spaghetti, so Jo has come up with something a little different...

With special thanks to David from the Larder, Alison from Blackburn Primary School and Hazel, the local Dental Health Support Worker who all helped co-ordinate to make this possible.