Promoting Healthy Eating

We promote healthy eating and cooking among families to give children the best start in life and, hopefully, keep them healthy as they grow up.

The ECF food and health development workers tackle barriers to healthy eating by delivering healthy eating talks and demonstrations, cook and eat sessions, one-to-one advice and support on nutrition issues to community members.

Key aspects of our work are:

The Eatwell Guide

We develop our work by helping people understand the principles of a balanced diet forms the foundation for healthy eating habits.

The eatwell guide makes healthy eating easier to understand by showing the types and proportions of foods we need to have a healthy and well balanced diet.


Food labelling

Food labelling traffic signalsFor people to eat healthily it's a good idea to watch how much fat, sugar and salt they eat. If interpreted correctly food labelling allow the consumer to make healthy and informed choices on the foods they eat.

How we can help teachers and community workers

We have resources to help teachers and community workers promote healthier eating. This can include cooking displays, lesson planners, and snack packs and healthy treats to give kids a great taste of the good stuff.