This summer Discover has a new virtual home in the form of a Facebook group.  Families have been invited to join the group and sign up to receive their food parcel which includes everything they need to join in with all the activities for the week.  

Families have been thrilled with their first week's delivery and have posted so many lovely comments on the page. 

Each week has a theme from around the world and first up is Mexico week.  Families received all the ingredients needed to make Veggie Fajitas and lots of people were so excited to make it, we hardly had the chance to post our demonstration video before they started posting pictures of their creations.  Lots of people chose to add chicken to their fajitas too which we thought looked delicious!

Here's the video we posted for people to follow when making their fajitas.

We kicked off our first live video stream with a health talk from Development Team supervisor, Chris Mantle, who gave us the low-down on getting a healthy balanced diet.  He explained the Eatwell Guide and went through all the different food groups and important nutrients we need to stay well.

Nutritionist and Development Team member, Catherine Fyfe, presented the first live cooking demonstration via Facebook live with help from fellow team member and Nutritionist, Jo Howie.  After a couple of technical difficulties at the start, they quickly won over the viewers with lots of tips and friendly chat in the comments section.  Shortly after the live stream ended, the pictures started flooding in of the completed and cooked fruit crumbles and everyone agreed it was really tasty.  Click HERE for the recipe if you would like to try it yourself.

Other highlights from this week included the utterly fabulous storytelling from Ron Fairweather.  He captured the imagination of the children with his gripping tales of roosters and turban wearing sultans and also posted some brainteaser riddles.  Latin therapy dance teacher, Onisis, got hips wiggling with her Zumba-style dance class.  We continued the Mexico theme with Mercy Cuming's instructions on how to use the arts and crafts pack to create beautiful Day of the Dead Masks.  An astrophysicist from the Royal Observatory even joined in to teach us a little about astronomy and we learnt some volleyball techniques, using the ball included in the pack from Active Schools. 

The last activity of the week is our food play activity and this week we encourage the parents to play 'Guess the Spices' with their children.  We are looking forward the hearing how they get on with this sensory smelling game whereby the child is blindfolded and offered the spices provided in their pack, along with other familiar smells from around their home to explore how sensitive our noses can be.  

We cannot believe the team have packed so much into the first week and there's still 5 more weeks to go!  Next week's theme is India and everyone will be receiving our Veggie Korma Take and Make bag.