Healthy Eating & Nutrition Sessions for Businesses

We at Edinburgh Community Food are passionate about sharing our knowledge and ideas and having discussions around healthy eating. We offer Food & Nutrition talks and activity sessions for:

  • Businesses, offices and their staff
  • Our corporate clients

We understand that Food & Nutrition can seem like a baffling and complex area, with so many mixed messages. We aim to cut through the confusion and deliver no-nonsense, straightforward information. Why not book a session for your team today?

Healthy Eating & Nutrition Sessions

Our team of experienced Associate Registered Nutritionists offer training sessions in a format and at a time that suits you and your team. Sessions can range from one to several hours.

Potential topics:

  • Getting a Healthy Balanced Diet (The basics of nutrition and what we should ideally be consuming for overall health)
  • Getting a Healthy Vegetarian Diet (The advantages of following a vegetarian or vegan diet and how to do so healthily)
  • Fibre (Covers the many health benefits of consuming enough dietary fibre, along with good food sources)
  • Healthy Office Lunches (Ideas for meals at work and also briefly looks at food hygiene in the office setting) 
  • Food and Mood (On the relationship between food and how we feel, focusing on sugar, dietary fibre and gut bacteria)
  • Eating Well in Later Life (The basics of nutrition for older people and tips on addressing malnutrition, muscle loss and dehydration)
  • Food Hygiene (A brief look at good food hygiene, focused on the home)
  • Energy Balance & Exercise (Physical activity, its health benefits and how to incorporate more into our day)
  • Healthy Eating for Toddlers and Young Children (The basics of nutrition and getting a balanced diet for young, weened children)
  • Catering for Allergies, Intolerances and Coeliac Disease (Explores allergies, intolerance and coeliac disease and how to cater for sufferers)
  • Gut Bacteria (Looks at the possible roles of the microbiome in human health and how we can support our gut bacteria with food)

Sessions can be delivered as presentation or can include hands-on activities.


I wanted to thank you for today’s session – everyone enjoyed it and it has certainly generated a lot of discussion in the office.

Very interesting indeed, I learnt a lot from this. It made me realise how much food and health nonsense there is and how much of it I have been susceptible to..!

I'll use this for work and personal interest, definitely with participants in the well-being course that I run. 

[The trainer] was knowledgeable and passionate about his subject - could have spent another hour discussing the subject quite easily.

The session was really good - my favourite and the most thought-provoking! 


We have worked with many organisations, including:

Toshiba, RBS, Repsol, Nucleus, ICAS, Edinburgh Colleges, The University of Edinburgh, NHS Lothian, SanDisk, Scottish Legal Complaints, Scottish Qualifications Authority and many others.

Registered Associate Nutritionist