The Willow Service was created by NHS Lothian and City of Edinburgh Council to address the social, health and welfare needs of women in the criminal justice system. Edinburgh Community Food works within this service to support the nutritional needs of the women visiting the centre.


Twice weekly our AfN registered Associate Nutritionist, Jess Pearson, hosts a lunch where service users can come together and enjoy a nutritious, homemade meal.  Eating together forms an important part of the Willow service experience and the women also learn about food and have discussions about healthy lifestyles.  


Next Healthy Steps

Members of our Next Healthy Steps project meet weekly with our Food and Health Development Worker, Lesley Curtis, to take part in fun and informative activities to learn more about nutrition before cooking a meal and tasting it together.  This project is funded by the Tampon Tax Community Fund and run in partnership with the Willow Service.  It aims to improve the physical, emotional and mental health of the Willow women, increase their self-confidence and reduce social isolation.

One-to-One Cooking

Willow service users also have the opportunity to practise their cookery skills one-to-one with the Willow Nutritionist.  Whether it be learning a few simple no-cook recipes, learning how to whip up a healthy dinner using just the microwave or making a favourite meal they have always wanted to know how to make, this allows for a more tailored session to meet the specific needs of the individual.