The Willow Service was created by NHS Lothian and City of Edinburgh Council to address the social, health and welfare needs of women in the criminal justice system. Edinburgh Community Food works within this service to support the nutritional needs of the women visiting the centre.


Edinburgh Community Food host a weekly lunch where service users can came together to enjoy a nutritious, homemade meal.  Eating together forms an important part of the Willow service experience and the women also learn about food and have discussions about healthy lifestyles.  We hope to host a second weekly lunch later on in the year.


Continuing Provision

We have continued to support the Willow service providing healthy food boxes, allow women to continue to eat healthily and have access to good food. Support is also offered over the telephone to women able to take part in conversations around food and health. Both these provisions allow us to stay connected.

Service users have also benefitted from kitchen equipment starter kits generously donated from IKEA. This included a larder box with produce that you would expect to find in the kitchen.

One-to-One Cooking

We have also recommenced the 'Catkins' cooking sessions to promote the cooking skills needed to improve their ability in the kitchen. The sessions encourage women to try out new foods and promote healthier low cost recipes.